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How to Incorporate Company Culture Into Your Office Design

The design of your office can communicate a lot about your company culture. Now more than ever, employees are eager for a workplace that feels inspiring and represents their values, and design can make that happen.

With the right strategy in place, you can create an office space that is welcoming, motivating and a great place to work. Here are a few ways to incorporate company culture into your office design.

Colours and Graphics

We’ve talked about colour in the past, and it’s one of the clearest ways to showcase your company culture. Part of an effective design strategy involves incorporating your brand’s colours in creative places throughout the office.

Logos and signage are a must and a great start, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box and add colour in understated areas; think artwork, accessories, furniture, soundproof panels in boardrooms, and more.

Even if your company’s colours are neutral, colour can still be a powerful tool. Think about what value your business offers, what industry you are in, or what vibe you want to create for your team.

For instance, plants and greenery count as colour. If your office is more clinical and required to be mostly white, plants and soothing artwork can instantly add warmth and personality.

Thematic Materials

Theme plays a big role in company culture, so get creative with how you showcase what your business does. This makes employees feel like a part of the business as they walk through the space.

For example, for the design of international shipping company DP World, our team decided to design several elements in their office to resemble shipping containers, from numerous wall treatments to the bar counter in the kitchen.

Another effective strategy for representing company culture through design is to consider location. For DP World, we also projected their company colours on the floor in maple leaf formations to represent their Canadian office here in Vancouver.

Is your company also based in the West Coast? Then opt for natural materials like wood, stone and wicker or leather.

A Bit of Fun and Whimsy

When designing with company culture in mind, don’t forget to think about what ambience and work environment you wish to create for your team so you can all reach your goals. How are the various areas of your office being utilized? What elements and features can you add to help everyone feel motivated and inspired?

Depending on the type of office, this could look like including multiple workspace options for staff to choose from, such as co-working style lounge areas and ottomans, private phone booths and meeting rooms, round tables for group work, or standard cubicles for a bit of both worlds.

Level these areas up by adding a bit of whimsy via patterned or textured wallpaper, seating in a variety of upholstered materials, or even a games area so teams can take a break between tasks.

Use Design to Celebrate Your Team

Every company has different rituals and routines for adding a bit of fun to office life, weather its weekly team socials (virtual or in-person), employee of the month events, think tanks and more.

There’s nothing that exemplifies your company culture more than your team. Why not use design to create a sense of community and celebrate your employees and their successes?

Create community boards or walls, in common areas like the kitchen or collaboration spaces, to showcase employees of the month or special occasions and news that deserve recognition.

These creative feature areas can make your office feel more like home; Give employees the chance to share their wins and accomplishments, staff social lunches, or even office pets!

At allSPACES, we are experts at designing and building commercial spaces that not only incorporate the best in design innovations, but that factor in your unique company culture and vision. Reach out to us to inquire about your next commercial design project today.


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