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How to Pet-Proof Your Office

It’s no secret that bringing your pets to work is a truly joyful experience! If you’re planning to share your workspace with your four-legged companions, here are a few ways to pet-proof the office and keep things clean and tidy.

Hide Away “Chewable” Items

Certain animals love to chew things like wires, cables, samples, boxes and even garbage. Be mindful of cluttered areas that are easy for your pet to access. If your desk area is full of wires, be sure to neatly tie them together with cabling or snap ties, and secure them under the desk so they are above ground and out of reach.

Make Them Comfortable!

Give your pet a designated area for them to stay comfy and cozy, especially since they will likely be with you all day. Be sure to add a dog or cat bed with a food and water dish close by, and give them something to play with to keep them occupied.

Also, consider where they may run or free-roam so they can stretch their legs

throughout the day. Make them feel at home!

Make Sure Your Office Has Pet-Proof Materials

If your office is planning to welcome multiple pets regularly, opt for design elements and materials that are easy to clean.

Avoid carpeting wherever possible, or clean up any spills right away to avoid lasting stains. If carpet is a must, just remember that darker-coloured carpets will show light fur very easily.

Laminate is also not ideal in a pet-friendly office because of the noise that will carry from a dog’s paws running across the hardwood.

Keep Cleaning Materials Handy

Pets can be messy at times, and even with all the prep, there may still be moments when a bit of cleanup is required. Protect fabric couches by covering them with a washable blanket or throw, but in case of unavoidable spills, keep cleaning supplies handy so you can tackle them right away and prevent lasting damage.

For cleaning carpets, Folex is an excellent and highly effective tool for removing stains, especially when sprayed quickly after a spill has occurred. Of course, don’t forget about lint removers for removing fur from common surfaces, and plenty of paper towels for blotting and diluting any liquids.


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