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How to Use Furniture to Inspire Creativity at Work

COVID-19 has transformed the modern office. These days, workers want to feel a sense of purpose and value company culture almost as much as they value salary. In fact, employees are also willing to leave their jobs if they don’t feel inspired.

Design is a powerful tool in creating an office environment that boosts creativity and company culture, and in turn, retains employees. Furniture in particular can help craft a space that makes employees feel eager to come to work each day. Here is how to use furniture to create a truly innovative workplace in 2022 and beyond.

Durability and comfort

Compared to residential, office furniture needs to be more durable and able to withstand wear and tear. But comfort and style are just as important as durability these days.

Fabrics are where you have a chance to emphasize company culture, creativity and design. Opt for fabrics that speak to your company’s ethos, whether it’s through patterns or colours.

From a practical standpoint, smaller, more streamlined seating will remain popular thanks to COVID, as people will prefer to maintain distance and save space.

Think outside the box

Nowadays, employees are more willing to jump from company to company if they don’t feel inspired by their work environment, and that includes the actual office they work in.

When incorporating furniture, think outside the box. What does your company specialize in? What are your brand colours? What vibe do you want to create? You want to leave a strong visual impression when employees and guests first walk through the door.

Choosing innovative, unique furniture doesn’t have to be expensive. For example, consider opting for multiple colour schemes in seating and accents, add artistic lighting to key areas, or swap standard seating for something in a creative shape.

Make the office feel like home

Since spending the majority of the last two years working from home, employees who return to the office want their workspace to feel as much like home as possible, and furniture is a great way to accomplish this.

Instead of standard commercial furniture which can often be cold and grey, opt for warmer tones in both colours, accents and fabrics. Wood veneers are a growing trend and add warmth to any furniture. Black and grey are still popular colours, but mix and match them with warmer tones to create a space that feels like home.

Artwork and accessories

Artwork and accessories are easy, versatile ways to personalize an office, showcase your unique company culture and make it a fun place to work.

If your office is more minimal, use unique, colourful artwork to brighten the space and add character and charm. Tabletop pieces, colourful paintings, sculptures and even seat cushions are all excellent accessories that can help create a strong and inviting company culture, especially in the more open-concept offices that are prevalent these days.

Every office is unique

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to designing an inspiring office, and every company is different. But no matter your organization, 2022 has shown us that it is crucial to create a space that is creative and encompasses your company culture, and furniture is the perfect tool to accomplish this.

With direct ties to local manufacturers, allSPACES cuts out the middle man and sources unique, stylish, custom furniture that suits all of our clients’ needs. Our team of expert designers always has an eye for the extraordinary and a feel for comfort, sourcing pieces that promote efficiency as well as aesthetics in the workplace.


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