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Effective Ways to Add Colour to Your Office

When utilized strategically, colour can transform your office in positive ways. It can add personality, make your workspace feel more inspiring, and showcase your company culture.

Here are a few creative and effective ways to incorporate colour in your office as we enter the last quarter of 2022.

Be Mindful and Intentional With Colour

Colour has a personality. Clear, bright colours convey a sense of playfulness, while darker tones tend to be more dramatic or corporate. Company brand colours aside, be mindful of how and where you utilize particular colours, and what that space is being used for.

Bright, cheery colours could be a great fit for collaboration spaces (added to barstools and lounge seating) while more neutral shades might be preferable for board rooms and other more corporate areas.

This is why hiring design experts who specialize in commercial design is imperative; they can help you gain clarity on what you are looking to accomplish with colour, and where it will be the most effective.

Make the Most of Paint and Graphics

When designing the office space for BC Housing, our director Lori Billson used paint to create a colourful burst logo in their elevator lobby.

Paint is one of the simplest and most timeless ways to add some colour. It can be changed quickly and inexpensively, and there’s so much you can do with it, from creating feature walls to designing decorative banding and patterns.

For example, with banding, tape can be used to create a fun pattern or graphic that is later filled in with paint, creating a fun and creative statement piece. When in doubt, painting a feature wall is also a great way to seamlessly incorporate your company colours without needing to commit to painting an entire space.

Add Colour to Accessories and Furniture

When it comes to adding colour, accessories and furniture provide ample, versatile opportunities. For more neutral-toned corporate offices, adding a few colourful or accessories and plants are understated ways to provide style and warmth.

Even minor colour changes can make an impact. Leverage colour in places like upholstered mobile peds, task chairs, plants, decorative lighting and bench seats to name a few.

Don’t forget about using artwork to add a personal touch! Depending on your particular office, opt for pieces that speak to your brand ethos, vibe or team tastes. Select thematic photography and prints of the city where your office is located, or highlight work from local artists. The options are endless.

Get Creative!

your project is a new build, why not make the most of what the existing space has to offer? Our client AES Engineering cleverly uses its main servers as a colourful design feature as guests enter the office, making a bold, innovative statement that also highlights its company culture.

Many modern offices feature exposed industrial ceilings. Take this style to the next level by giving piping a bit of a paint job and turning the ceiling into a contemporary art piece. For Canderal, another of our corporate clients, we designed a striking ‘green’ plant wall that is easily removable and instantly recognizable.

There you have it! At allSPACES, we are experts at designing and building commercial spaces that not only incorporate the best in design innovations, but that factor in your unique company culture and vision. Whether your office space is in need of a timeless colour upgrade, or you are looking for a new project built from the ground up, reach out to us today.


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