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Office Design Trends to Watch in 2022

With a new year underway, our team at allSPACES is reflecting on 2021 and looking ahead at what design trends we can anticipate in 2022 and beyond.

Safety First

The past two years have impacted almost every sector and industry, and that includes commercial design. Much of the workforce slowly returned to the office in 2021, and safety for workers in this new landscape has been a top priority. In the last year, we worked to incorporate safety-first design elements into our clients’ commercial office spaces, and expect this approach to continue in 2022.

In keeping with the evolving COVID-19 landscape, anticipate more open-concept spaces, larger work stations and added separation between offices. Our team also recognizes the importance of community and togetherness, which is why we’ve utilized innovative methods of design that keep workers safe but not isolated, including bright colour schemes, plenty of natural light and glass walls with draping for privacy.

Residential Elements

Incorporating residential elements into commercial design is another trend we expect to see going forward. While this trend isn’t new, we anticipate it will grow in popularity as companies aim to make the office feel more like “home”.

For example, aluminium frames designed with residential window patterns and black mouldings are trends we have incorporated in spaces like DP World and Wellington-Altus to add warmth and character. Waiting areas and reception spaces will likely utilize soft residential seating, which is often more durable than people assume.

Contemporary Accents

Many office spaces are actively trying to appeal to a younger workforce, which is why we can expect more contemporary touches. Black will continue to be a popular and versatile colour choice for offices in the new year, even in hardware, trims, lighting fixtures, mouldings and more. However, our team is eager to incorporate metallic accents like chrome and brass in 2022.

Concrete flooring is another popular choice, particularly in a reception area, as it's practical enough to account for heavier foot traffic but sleek enough to feel contemporary. From a more practical standpoint, expect open-concept offices to include phone booths for privacy and COVID safety.

Velvets and Fabrics

Fabric trends evolve every year and 2022 will be no different. Velvets in sofas and armchairs will likely return, while meeting rooms and board rooms will feature more sheer fabrics.

One design feature allSPACES is eager to continue for our clients is utilizing drapes in board rooms for privacy instead of film. Not only are they more affordable, but they also add warmth and a welcoming, upscale atmosphere to any space.

Looking Ahead

Going forward, we anticipate a desire for “homey” touches to traditional office spaces, forward-thinking design elements that cater to a changing world and unique workforces, and design that feels warm and inviting.

While the last two years have been a unique challenge, we are hopeful for the new year and are ready to assist our clients with creating their dream office space.


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