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How Colour Can Transform an Office in 2022 and Beyond

Colour is a critical element of design for any workspace. When utilized effectively, colour can support and transform your company, both visually and functionally. Here’s how to incorporate colour in your office in the most beneficial way.

Consider your unique company ethos

Every business is unique. A young, dynamic tech startup will leverage colour very differently than a law office. The key to making the most out of colour is to consider your brand’s identity.

Instead of simply adding your brand colours anywhere you can, use these colours as a soft backdrop to compliment not just the space, but how your office functions. If you’re an innovative tech startup, showcase this bold identity by utilizing colour in areas where your team spends the most time together, such as common work areas, the kitchen, “think tank” spaces and more.

Alternatively, if you are a more traditional company with minimalist brand colours, add colour to textures and materials, such as area rugs, artwork, tiles, reception counters and more. This balances out the use of subdued, neutral tones throughout the rest of the office.

Consider the purpose of a space

Colours can also impact the mood and vibe of your office. Consider how an area of the office is being used and what ambience you wish to create.

Don’t be afraid to get creative! Does your office have a lot of private meeting rooms that require soundproofing? Swap out conventional acoustic panels for brightly coloured sound absorbers. This serves a dual purpose, minimizing noise while adding a bit of character to a plain room.

Consider current and future trends

It’s no secret that the pandemic has drastically altered the work landscape, and hybrid work is here to stay. More organizations are considering how to make their offices feel more like “home”.

A major trend we are seeing for 2022 and beyond is that offices are using more colour than ever before. You can expect to find organizations shifting away from solely neutral tones, and adding colour to areas like furniture, poufs and cabinetry.

While there are still many traditional offices that prefer cooler colours, we are definitely witnessing a design shift that blurs the line between residential and commercial spaces.

At allSPACES, we leverage your brand’s existing ethos to incorporate colour in creative and dynamic ways. We listen carefully to our clients’ visions and desired colour palette, and provide our own guidance and suggestions where needed. No matter your business, we can help create your dream space!


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