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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting Office Furniture

We’ve talked about the importance of furniture in the past, and how it can help create a more welcoming and productive work environment. This continues to hold true even as we close out the year. With 2023 upon us, here are 5 things to keep in mind when selecting furniture for your company’s office space.

Functionality First

Aesthetics and details definitely matter, but the priority is that every employee has the right work area to perform their job. Functionality comes first when selecting furniture. The visuals and aesthetics can be handled afterwards during the layering process; there is plenty of opportunity here to add style and a bit of design flare.


Consider how your office’s furnishings will complement the overall environment. A complex and detailed build should be able to stand on its own, with the furniture acting as a subtle support system for the office as a whole.

For simpler offices, furniture with more personality and/or colour can be the perfect driving design element.


Office chairs aren’t necessarily one-size-fits-all. Your workforce is diverse, with people of varying ages, heights and sizes. What works for one employee may not be the most comfortable for another.

Many manufacturers of office chairs and furniture offer different shapes and sizes of task chairs. Be mindful of the end users in your office and design your space to ensure human comfort.

It’s important to remember that keeping staff healthy and happy leads to less turnover, reducing overall costs to your company in the long run.


Thanks to the hybrid work model, the typical “workspace” might look different for everyone. Some might work at a standard desk or cubicle, but will also grab their laptops and work in a lounge seating area in the afternoon.

Others might prefer the bustle of a café lunchroom setting or will park themselves in the boardroom to gain access to Audio Visual tools. Choice and variety for staff is quickly becoming a big draw as people make their way back into in-person offices.

Budget and Cost

Most clients are on a budget and consequently, we as designers have to be mindful of where best to invest money. But it’s definitely possible to factor in costs and design a space that is aesthetically pleasing. To accomplish this, we keep furnishings modest in their overall selection but add a few investment pieces.

Commercial designers use this approach with every area of the office. For example, instead of the standard built-in reception desk and pricey custom millwork, we have access to a multitude of manufacturers and products to create a stylish and welcoming arrival point for clients, without a hefty price point.

With direct ties to local manufacturers, allSPACES cuts out the middleman and sources unique, stylish, custom furniture that suits every client's needs. Our team of expert designers always has an eye for the extraordinary and a feel for comfort, sourcing pieces that promote efficiency as well as aesthetics in the workplace.


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