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Tour Evidinno, a Clean, Modern Pharmaceutical Company

For the design of pharmaceutical company Evidinno, our clients wanted a space that was clean, calming, and most importantly, versatile. Evidinno feels much like a modern tech company, and so our team created an office that is timeless and bright, with elements of warmth scattered throughout.

Entering the office, you are greeted with a clean, tranquil space that feels ahead of its time. At the start of the project, this space was in shell condition, with high, exposed ceilings. We sprayed the exposed ceilings in the open area, kitchen and reception to give the office a contemporary, techy look.

In keeping with its modern, versatile theme, the office utilizes workstations with an electrical bench and table system that gives the team flexibility to work sitting or standing. For colours, the client wanted less bold colours and more whites, to shift focus to the large windows and the view outside. Outdoors, a beautifully furnished patio space gives the team a chance to soak in the fresh air and scenery.

To add warmth to the mostly white space, we added wood slots into the logo, signage, and kitchen, which also features deep blue bar stools and seating—Evidinno’s office colours.

Pendant lighting in the open area adds to the modern, clean aesthetic, and black, trendy details in various hardware like doors and lighting keep the office looking timeless, open and bright.

The key feature of the office overall is how versatile and flexible it is. The Evidinno team wanted to space to feel transitional for future tenants, while still featuring the signature visual cues representing their brand. This can be found in the accent colours in the kitchen, the signage, and the overall clean look throughout.

For furniture, we used durable pieces made with certified-for-commercial materials that would be easy to clean. In the boardroom, contemporary wall pieces in Evidinno’s brand colours provide a dual purpose—absorbing sound and adding texture to the clean space.


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