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Sneak Preview: A Bright and Modern Anti-Ageing Treatment Clinic in West Broadway

For the design of this trendy and elegant anti-ageing clinic at West Broadway, our team transformed a unit in an older building into a tranquil and fresh space. The original unit dates back to the 90s, and the client wanted the clinic to look elegant with a touch of fresh air without being too “clinical” and cold.

To accomplish this vision, we incorporated warm, natural touches throughout. A moss wall greets visitors at the reception area along with brass accent pendant hoop lighting from Kuzco, making the space feel instantly calm and inviting. We avoided using too many black accents, switching up the standard “black and white modern”.

Our team was also tasked with leveraging as much natural light as possible, especially at reception which was farther away from the windows. To give patients privacy while retaining light and brightness, we added gradient vinyl film to the office with a floor to ceiling glazing and left the top windows clear.

Being a high-traffic space, it was also crucial that the materials used were durable and stylish. Instead of exposed concrete flooring—a preferred choice among clients for being easy to clean—we used wood-looking vinyl to create a more residential look and at the same time offer a more stain-resistant option.

For fabrics and materials, we utilized soft synthetic upholstery to repurpose and upgrade the client’s favourite piece, the reception banquette. Leather side tables continue the warm theme, adding subtle black accent touches without being too overwhelming.

One of our favourite rooms from this project is definitely the client’s own office, which has a free-standing patient procedure chair facing a stunning view of Downtown Vancouver’s skyline and mountains while they receive treatment.

His office also has access to the patio, letting in plenty of natural light and expanding the relaxing experience throughout the year with an outdoor dining table, seating area and fireplace.

At allSPACES, our team is always ahead of the curve, designing and building commercial spaces using the latest in design trends and materials. Reach out to us to work on your next project!


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