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Prioritizing the Elements of Workplace Experience

Workplace experience combines technology, operations, culture, and environment to optimize individual performance through productivity and growth. As such, investing in a variety of workplace amenities needs to be treated as a tailored solution for your company to improve the overall workplace experience for your team; there is no “one size fits all” solution. Completing a thorough assessment to determine which amenities will meet your employees needs will help define your investment priorities.

Amenities should be unique, and align with your company work style, allowing employees to easily transition into using them. In other words, they should serve a purpose to your employees by improving their workplace experience and providing opportunities for wellness. There are two main areas of wellness: mental and environmental. Each of these has overlapping factors that can contribute to creating a better workplace experience for your team.

Below, we’ve provided important elements of workplace experience to consider when adding amenities to your workplace.


Temperature is crucial to an employees’ productivity and creativity. Hot temperatures can cause employees to feel sluggish and irritable, and increases the likelihood of employees making mistakes, compared to cold temperatures which can cause stiffness and pain.

Natural Light

Natural light helps to increase employees’ productivity, reducing headaches, eyestrain, and blurred vision. Employees also feel more engaged with their work, and each other, which allows better collaboration and cooperation between co-workers and higher productivity and success within a team.

Collaborative Space

Having multipurpose collaborative space in the office is very beneficial. With hybrid or in-person employees, having multipurpose collaborative areas allows employees to connect with each other during breaks, have a less formal space to conduct individual work, and collaborate with others on projects. Incorporating comfortable, robust furniture, foliage, and décor elements will elevate these spaces and welcome your team in.

Biophilic Design

Lastly, integrating biophilic design, brings in a connection to nature that will improve individual wellbeing. Having elements of nature in the office, such as plants, a patio garden, green walls or suspended biophilic structures will reduce employees stress boosting creativity, cognitive function, and morale. Additionally, having plants in the office improves air quality by removing carbon dioxide, and releasing moisture to increase humidity.

Overall, prioritizing specific elements of amenity spaces is integral to improving the workplace experience. This investment will lead to a boost in productivity and wellbeing, for better individual and group performance.


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