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News: Welcoming New Faces to the allSPACES Team

It is an exciting time for the allSPACES team. Last month, we held a party at The Kent in Vancouver with our clients and team to celebrate our CEO Lucia De Olazaval’s birthday—and to welcome new faces to the allSPACES family as Lucia begins her maternity leave.

The Kent is a stunning new venue in the heart of Vancouver’s downtown and we were thrilled to host our guests for this special evening.

We are also so excited to welcome Lori Billson on board as our new Creative Director and Senior Interior Designer. Lori has over 20 years of experience in interior design both as a Principal and Lead Designer, and we are thrilled to have her oversee current and future design projects for our clients.

Lori fell into the world of design when she was young and has loved it since she was in high school.

“When I was in Grade 11, we had an assignment to design a house and I found it so much fun! While I initially considered architecture as a student, I discovered an interior design program at the University of Manitoba. I applied and was fortunately accepted. And so it began…”

Since then, in addition to working as a design lead on countless stunning projects, Lori has also founded numerous interior design businesses.

“Working together as designers and constructors makes for a wonderful team,” says Lori, “The design-build model that Lucia has brought to allSPACES has been extremely successful. You get to transform people's lives with design. I am so excited to fuse my own design experiences within this framework and oversee even more wonderful projects.”

Ready to work with Lori and our talented design team on your next project? Reach out to Lori at


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