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Meet Productboard, a Modern and Trendy Tech Company

For the design of software tech company Productboard, our team created a space that perfectly matched the fun, creative culture of this trendy company. We worked with the 12,190 square-foot space to design an office that was open, collaborative and creative.

As engineers and sales experts, the client wanted fresh, new workstations and an office where they could talk and mingle. Simplicity and functionality were top priorities, so we included height-adjustable workstations, warm finishes and plenty of flexibility for the team to switch up their work area as desired.

With the demographic of the company being younger, we had an opportunity to be even more fun and creative with certain aspects of the space. One of these unique features we implemented was removing a few of their offices to expand their small kitchen into a larger, more communal space—complete with two beer kegs.

Productboard has offices worldwide, including in Prague and San Francisco. For their Vancouver location, they wanted to match the young, trendy vibe of their sister offices, while adding a West Coast flair.

Tour the space and you’ll instantly feel the friendly and creative coworking space atmosphere, from the comfy poufs in red, blue and yellow (their company colours), to the movable whiteboards and wood vinyl throughout.

Like many offices these days, Productboard’s team has embraced a steady return to the office. While there is some privacy in the form of sleek, soundproof phone booths and offices converted into meeting rooms, they opted for mostly open spaces. The phone booths are lined with felt interiors and vacuum sealed, while the exterior features oak veneer panels on the sides and a clean white front.

For flooring, we kept their existing carpet, but utilized Interface vinyl in the kitchen. This material resembles concrete, so it is easy to clean but has a raw texture to match the “warehouse” vibe of the open ceilings.

In keeping with their goal of a West Coast theme, we incorporated plenty of natural materials throughout, including rattan, and a solid oak table from Lock and Mortice.

Touring the office, you’ll find plenty of examples of flexibility. Their reception area features a sleek desk setup that can be easily converted into a waiting area or meeting room in the future.

Wood textured vinyl lines the walls by their logo, while additional sofas and barstool seating can be found closeby for working and mingling. The result is a space that makes you eager to come to work and collaborate, while still having plenty of “homey” touches.

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