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How We Designed a High-End Office Space on a Dream Budget

For the design of global electrical engineering firm AES, our team at allSPACES did what we do best: We designed, constructed and furnished a dream office space that exceeded our client’s expectations, within a sensible budget.

We have been fortunate to work with many repeat clients over the years, and AES is one of them. In the last 10 years, allSPACES has completed multiple projects for them with fantastic results. With this knowledge and experience, we were excited to work with AES once more on their latest full-floor space in downtown Vancouver’s Bentall 1.

For this project, design, construction and furnishing took place from scratch, and we worked with AES’s team to create a space that truly represented their brand and staff. When we work with repeat clients like AES, they feel confidence in us to understand every aspect of their vision.

One of their goals for this new space was to make it feel truly collaborative and communal and showcase AES’s key features and accomplishments. When you enter the reception, you are instantly greeted with a bright interior that feels both warm and futuristic. Beside the reception desk is one of the highlights of the entire office: A large glass display of AES’s servers, surrounded by bold lighting.

In the boardrooms, exposed ceilings featuring wood veneer slots give the illusion of a hanging ceiling. Using veneer allows more freedom with the colours we choose, resulting in the warm and inviting final result seen here.

Oftentimes, clients may envision a beautifully designed space without realizing how much each element will cost. As construction experts and project managers, we provide our clients with advice and alternatives if they opt for something that will either exceed or use up too much of their budget, especially if that money can be used elsewhere in the business. As a result, we have designed and constructed spaces that meet or exceed all our clients' goals, without emptying their pockets.

As an electrical engineering firm, AES wanted to highlight their stunning architectural lighting, and great care went into showcasing these key features. In this case, the client was willing to spend more, and we worked with their extra budget.

One of the most important rooms in their office is the kitchen. It is a high-traffic area that the AES team uses for town halls meetings, birthday parties, and other opportunities for the staff to gather and mingle. They also wanted it to be colourful. The result is a spacious and airy environment with fun yellow cabinets, where the team can come together.

When it comes to designing and constructing a space with a sensible budget, the key is to pick your battles. allSPACES excels at incorporating our clients’ unique ideas and goals into their projects, and providing our own expertise in tandem with their visions. No matter your goals, we work with you to achieve great design within your ideal budget.


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