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How to Make Your Office Summer-Ready

With summer nearly upon us, it’s the perfect opportunity to leverage the warmer weather and add a few summer-ready design touches to your office space. Our team is sharing what trends to watch for.

Rattan Furniture

Summer is patio season! Whether your office has a large outdoor space or a minimal one, there are a few simple ways to create a bright, welcoming outdoor area for your team to enjoy the sunshine.

Rattan furniture remains a timeless trend. Add rattan seating to brighten your patio and add some style and character. Accessorize your furniture pieces with coloured cushions (perhaps in your company colours) to complete the set.

Add Greenery

Plants and greenery instantly make a space feel more fresh, inviting and modern, especially in the summer. If your team has a green thumb and is experienced in taking care of live plants, add a few pieces throughout your office to liven up collaboration areas, or to brighten up smaller outdoor spaces.

Alternatively, faux plants are another stylish yet low-maintenance option to make your office green, especially if your team are too busy.

More Collaborative Spaces

Many offices host team socials, especially in the summer months and as companies adopt hybrid work models. Give these in-person opportunities an upgrade by improving your office’s collaboration spaces.

Adding poufs, lounge chairs and pops of colour are great ways to create a welcoming and inspiring work environment, one that suits the post-COVID era while still being practical, functional and productive.

Additionally, high-top tables are another versatile option, doubling as seating during socials and team lunches, and for work.

Our team are ahead of the curve when it comes to commercial design-build trends. Reach out to us for your next project!


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