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How allSPACES Works With Our Clients’ Budgets to Create Their Dream Space

At allSPACES, we know the importance of having a solid budget in place for any project, no matter the size and scope. As designers and Tenant Improvement experts, we work with our clients’ budgets and provide guidance where needed, creating a space that surpasses expectations without any financial surprises.

Here is how we work with our clients’ budgets at every step of the way to complete their dream project.

We provide clear design drawings

  • For a design-build firm like ours, a preliminary part of budget planning is having proper design drawings in place, which our team creates

  • Once the design drawings are created, we provide clients with a concise document detailing everything they need to know from them, to prepare for the next stage

We obtain a detailed understanding of the work scope

  • Once we have put together a scope of work, we reach out to our trades

  • Then, we meet on-site and check that our drawings match the real space, down to the last detail

This stage of the project involves some back and forth between ourselves, the tradespeople and engineers.

We review every aspect of the entire space with utmost precision to make sure nothing is missed, and they get back to us with an updated budget, which we then review for accurate pricing and return with any adjustments.

We work with trusted, leading tradespeople

At allSPACES, we aim to land as close as we can to the initial budget figure our clients provide. Since we work with leading trade, design, engineering and plumbing partners and know every project’s scope, we can accomplish this with ease.

Using our extensive knowledge of the tender and city permit process, we eliminate potential obstacles that could slow down the project timeline, including utilizing only the approved trades that certain buildings must work with

We provide clear and consistent communication at every stage

We know how to put your budget to maximum use to create a project that surpasses your vision without unnecessary spending.

  • If we feel our clients should be saving or reallocating their money somewhere, or if their budget doesn’t align with a particular design vision, we will provide an alternative budget for them to compare until we reach a place where the client is satisfied

  • We communicate with our clients openly and honestly from our first meeting and at every stage to understand how much they are willing to spend.

  • Based on these discussions, we share what we can realistically accomplish with their budget, and provide our own recommendations.

Our team are experts at creating GOOD budgets based on strong design, using our decades of industry experience. The result is a beautifully designed, constructed and furnished space that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Reach out to us to inquire about your next dream space.


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