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Designing with Nature in Mind

Humans have an inherent need for connection to nature and through good design we can enhance this using key natural materials throughout the space. This indirect experience mimics key elements from nature. Different outdoor elements must be considered such as: landscape, local geology, surrounding vegetation, and most importantly materials.

Nature-design relationships are a basis for different strategies to implement in the workspace. Employees should be able to benefit from direct experiences such as light, air, and plants, or indirect experiences such as natural light, images of nature, natural materials, and colors.


Although it may seem obvious, having glass as a façade material allows the natural environment to integrate with the workplace through natural light and landscape views. Increasing the integration and allowing for flexibility, smart glass offers employees to the ability to control the amount of light coming through, which creates a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors by creating an open space and adding privacy when necessary.


Wood offers a wide range of versatility that creates an emotional and visual connection between employees and the office. This connection creates a calm and peaceful space that improves concentration, productivity, and creativity. Uses for wood in the workspace include furniture, flooring, doors, beams, and posts.

Using a material like Baux that’s made of a range of recycled natural materials provides insultation and acoustic properties, as well as absorbs moisture in the air to even out the humidity. These panels additionally provide visual interest as a wall installation, ceiling tile or screen.


With many different textures and patterns, stone can create a seamless connection to nature in design. Stone is a bold way to bring the natural elements in, enhancing the design and providing durable surface area. Depending on the type of stone, colour, and vein pattern, stone can bring warmth or a touch of coolness to the space.

Mimicking key elements in nature is a unique strategic approach that will create the vibe you are looking for—whether that be calming like the sea, deep and contemplative like an old growth forest, or high energy like a cityscape. By correctly balancing the elements of nature in your workplace design, we can create the correct environment that improves your team’s productivity and focus.


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