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About Lucia

I am the founder and president of allSPACES Design and Management Ltd. I have extensive experience in interior design, architecture, sales, and marketing, and have worked with hundreds of corporate clients to create their dream office space. 

Lucia De Olazaval - CEO of allSPACES

From my educational background in Interior Architecture from my home country of Peru, to my international travels and decade of design work in British Columbia, I bring the latest industry trends and fresh ideas to each project I take on. 


At allSPACES, we work with our clients at every step of the way, sitting down with them to understand their goals and vision, crafting a detailed mood board of their dream space, and translating their ideas into a finished project that exceeds their expectations.


As a seasoned entrepreneur, I love meeting new people and clients, learning about their businesses and seeing their goals and vision brought to life from design concept to execution.

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